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Mathematical Immersion for Secondary Teachers (MIST) is a professional development course designed to give participating teachers an opportunity to explore mathematics as learners.  Over the course of nine 2.5-hour sessions, teachers will work collaboratively on problems that build or deepen their own mathematical content knowledge.  They will also engage in reflection and discussion of this experience and make connections to their teaching practices.

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A second goal of the program is to engage teachers in building a community of practice with other groups of teachers across the country. In this vein, each group of teachers from a school or district will gather at a site and connect virtually with teachers at 3-4 other sites and work on the mathematics simultaneously as though in the same room with them.  The mathematical and pedagogical discussions will occur across sites so that all can learn from each other.

MIST is not only fun mathematics, but it's also a research project and participants are helping to develop a model for virtual professional development that can provide low-cost, large-scale options for this type of PD.  To read more about the research, click here.

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